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“Sounding Crisis” is the title not only of this research project but also of the podcast, which is an integral part of it. The main idea behind the research project, as well as behind its podcast, is that climate change became audible at a certain point and that these noises and sounds bust also increased attention for them had and still have a substantial impact on the public awareness of the issue. You can read a bit more about the idea behind the podcast and its journalistic and educational background here.

As the principal investigator of this project and the host of the podcat, I am convinced that to master the change of civilization, which we urgently need, we first and foremost have to learn to listen differently. To understand the relationship of climate change, sound and energy better, the research project wishes to learn more through listening to and asking about the sound practices of climate activists and the sonifications of climate change by artists. If they wish to share their precious knowledge, this podcast hopefully will also report about sound practices addressing the relationship of humans to nature from Indigenous peoples in Kaallalit Nunat (Greenland) and Australia and my thoughts on them. 

To contact me, please write to me, Ania Mauruschat, via e-mail: ania[.]mauruschat[@]hum[.]ku[.]dk

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