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The Enduring Power of the Inuit Frame Drum - Part 1: The Recognition as UNESCO Cultural Heritage

On December 15, 2021, the qilaat, the Inuit frame drum, was enlisted as an intangible cultural heritage of the humanity by UNESCO. KNR and Sermitsiaq report about it. A detailed blog post on the topic and the history of the qilaat in Kalaallit Nunaat will be published here soon. You already can read "The Enduring Power of the Inuit Frame Drum - Part 2: Questioning (Post-)Colonial Power Structures".

For this first part of my report, I spoke with people dedicated to revitalizing the tradition of the Qilaat, the Inuit frame drum. These people are the drum dancers and singers Vara Marianne Nielsen, Anda Poulsen, Pauline Motzfeld Lomholt and Hivshu, the curator for intangible cultural heritage Randi Johansen Sørensen from the National Museum and Archive of Kalaallit Nunaat, and Christian Elsner from the band Nanook, who produced two CDs with new recordings of Qilaat singers, Qilaat - A Spiritual Journey and Ingheruit.

The blog post will be published here soon.

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